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Fairytale Venues: Top Castle Wedding Locations

For many couples, their wedding day is one of the most significant and cherished days of their lives. A wedding in a picturesque and enchanting castle evokes a sense of magic and romance that is hard to match. The United States and Europe offer a plethora of castle wedding venues for couples to create their fairytale wedding. From historic to modern, there are castles for every preference.

Key Takeaways

  • Castle weddings are becoming increasingly popular for their magical charm and extraordinary settings.
  • Choosing the perfect castle venue takes careful consideration of factors such as location, ambiance, and architectural features.
  • Castle weddings offer a unique and unforgettable experience with options such as grand ballrooms and stunning gardens.
  • Castle wedding planning can be complex, but there are many resources and ideas available to alleviate the stress and make the process as smooth as possible.
  • Budgeting for a castle wedding takes careful thought, but there are ways to manage costs and still have a dreamy wedding.

Finding the Perfect Romantic Castle

When it comes to planning a fairytale wedding, finding the perfect romantic castle venue is essential. The right castle can set the tone for the entire day, creating an enchanting atmosphere that will be remembered for a lifetime.

When searching for a romantic castle, consider the location and surrounding landscape. A castle nestled in a picturesque countryside will undoubtedly create a magical ambiance as it provides a scenic backdrop for the wedding. However, a castle located in a city or by the sea can also offer unique and romantic settings.

The architectural features and interior design of a castle are also important factors to consider. Look for castles with grand ballrooms, enchanting gardens, and ornate details that will help transport you and your guests back in time. A castle with a history of romance can also be a great touch.

Finding the Perfect Romantic Castle

It’s important to explore various castle wedding venues and compare the amenities and services they offer. Inquire about on-site accommodations, catering options, and exclusive use of the castle. Some venues may also provide additional services such as transportation or entertainment.

Unforgettable Castle Weddings

Castle weddings offer a unique and unforgettable experience, transporting couples and guests to a fairytale-like setting for their special day. From grand ballrooms to medieval gardens, the possibilities are endless when it comes to castle venues.

One of the most enchanting aspects of a castle wedding is the opportunity to step back in time and experience the magic of historic architecture and surroundings. Whether it’s the castle’s storied past or the architecture itself, everything about a castle provides a sense of wonder and romance.

Many castle venues offer options for outdoor ceremonies and receptions, with stunning gardens and picturesque landscapes as the backdrop. Meanwhile, indoor ceremonies in grand ballrooms or intimate chapels provide a truly regal experience.

Castle Wedding Themes

When it comes to planning a castle wedding, the possibilities for themes and decor are endless. A medieval-inspired theme can transport guests to another era, with knights and dames in attendance. Alternatively, a royal wedding theme can create an air of elegance and sophistication.

For couples seeking a more whimsical option, incorporating fairy tale elements like unicorns, dragons, and princes and princesses can turn the wedding into a true storybook fairytale come to life.

Castle Wedding Photographs

One of the many benefits of a castle wedding is the stunning photo opportunities. From the castle’s grand exterior to the ornate interior decor, the venue provides a picturesque backdrop for both candid and posed photographs.

Many castle venues also offer access to picturesque gardens, with winding paths and fountains that make for beautiful photo opportunities. With the right photographer, couples can capture the magic and romance of their castle wedding to cherish for years to come.

Step into History: Historic Venues for Your Big Day

There is something magical about getting married in a castle steeped in history. These venues offer a unique experience for couples looking to tie the knot in a location that goes beyond the conventional wedding venue. From Gothic revival to Renaissance and Romanesque styles, historic castle venues boast of unique architectural designs that are sure to captivate the imagination of anyone.

When it comes to choosing a historic castle venue for your big day, there are many options available. From the iconic Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, to the enchanting Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York, there are countless historic venues across the country that will add grandeur to your special day. For a truly unique experience, consider the stunning Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California, with its stunning mosaic pool and breathtaking views.

But if you’re looking to elevate your castle wedding experience overseas, look no further than Europe, where you can find some of the most stunning historic castle venues in the world. From the elegant castle of Chenonceau in France to the majestic Hohenzollern Castle in Germany, these venues offer a truly unforgettable backdrop for your wedding day.

Whether your dream is to have a medieval-themed wedding or a grand royal affair, historic castle venues offer the perfect setting to bring your vision to life. These venues also offer the opportunity to infuse cultural and historical elements into your wedding and create a truly unique experience for you and your guests.

Castle Wedding Planning Guide

Planning a castle wedding can be an exciting and magical experience, but it also requires careful preparation and attention to detail. Here are some tips for planning the perfect castle wedding:

1. Start with a vision

Before you begin planning, take some time to envision your dream castle wedding. Consider the style, theme, and atmosphere you want to create, as well as any specific details you envision, such as the dress code, decor, and entertainment.

2. Choose the right castle venue

Choosing the right castle venue is crucial to creating the perfect wedding atmosphere. Consider factors such as location, capacity, amenities, and availability, and be sure to visit any potential venues in person to get a sense of their ambiance and facilities.

3. Coordinate with vendors

Coordinating with vendors is an essential part of any wedding planning process. When planning a castle wedding, be sure to secure vendors who have experience working with castle venues and can help you achieve your vision.

4. Plan for the unexpected

It’s important to plan for the unexpected when hosting any event, but especially a castle wedding. Be sure to have a backup plan in case of inclement weather or unexpected circumstances, and consider investing in wedding insurance to protect against unforeseen events.

5. Customize your ceremony and reception

One of the benefits of hosting a castle wedding is the ability to customize every aspect of your ceremony and reception. Consider incorporating unique touches such as medieval-inspired decor, a grand staircase entrance, or a fireworks display.

6. Communicate with your guests

Communication is key when planning a castle wedding, especially when it comes to keeping guests informed about logistics and accommodations. Consider creating a wedding website or sending detailed correspondence to ensure everyone is on the same page and has a memorable experience.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to planning the castle wedding of your dreams. Remember to stay organized, communicate clearly, and enjoy the process!

Castle Venues Across the Country

While Europe may be renowned for its picturesque castles, the United States also boasts several stunning castle wedding locations throughout the country. Here are just a few options for couples looking for a castle wedding venue:

Castle Name Location Capacity
Biltmore Estate Asheville, North Carolina Up to 300 guests
Oheka Castle Huntington, New York Up to 400 guests
Thornewood Castle Lakewood, Washington Up to 200 guests
Belvoir Winery and Inn Liberty, Missouri Up to 300 guests
Alden Castle Boston, Massachusetts Up to 250 guests

These castle wedding venues offer a range of styles and settings, from grand estates to medieval-inspired castles. No matter what part of the country you live in, you’re sure to find a castle venue that fits your taste and budget.

European Castle Destinations

Take your fairytale wedding to the next level by saying “I do” in one of Europe’s stunning castle wedding venues. From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the Scottish highlands, Europe is home to some of the most romantic and historic castles in the world.

Château de Chenonceau, France

Located in the Loire Valley, this 16th-century château boasts plenty of French Renaissance elegance. Tie the knot in the chapel or in the gardens, then enjoy a luxurious reception in the grand ballroom.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

This fairytale castle in the Bavarian Alps was the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyland. Enjoy stunning mountain views and a romantic ambiance fit for a princess.

Kronborg Castle, Denmark

Set on a scenic coastline, this impressive castle is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Host your ceremony in the Great Hall or in the elegant Chapel of the Knights.

Castello di Vicarello, Italy

Located in the heart of Tuscany, this medieval castle boasts stunning views of vineyards and olive groves. Say “I do” in the 12th-century chapel or host an outdoor reception on the lush grounds.

Other notable European castle wedding venues include the stunning Edinburgh castle in Scotland, the breathtaking Alhambra Palace in Spain, and the picturesque Hohenzollern Castle in Germany.

Whether you dream of a fairytale wedding in a French château or a medieval castle in Italy, Europe offers a wealth of enchanting venues for your big day.

Castle Wedding Themes and Decor

One of the most exciting aspects of planning a castle wedding is choosing the perfect theme and decor to bring your fairytale vision to life.

Whether you want a medieval-inspired ceremony or a regal affair fit for royalty, there are endless possibilities when it comes to castle wedding themes.

For a classic fairytale wedding, consider incorporating romantic touches like soft floral arrangements, elegant chandeliers, and gold accents. A castle’s grand ballroom provides the perfect backdrop for a princess-inspired ceremony, complete with a flowing white gown and delicate tiara.

If you’re looking for a more dramatic theme, consider a medieval-inspired wedding. This theme lends itself well to darker, richer colors and bold statement pieces. Incorporate tapestries, suits of armor, and dramatic lighting for an unforgettable ceremony.

For a more modern take on castle wedding decor, consider a minimalist approach that lets the venue’s natural beauty shine. Keep the focus on the architecture and sweeping views, with subtle touches of greenery and clean, simple decor.

Whatever your vision for a castle wedding, the venue’s unique charm and history will provide endless inspiration for creating a magical and memorable event.

Castle Wedding Packages and Amenities

Castle wedding venues offer a range of packages and amenities designed to make your special day even more magical. Here are some options to consider:

Package Description
Exclusive Use Many castle venues offer exclusive use of the property for an entire weekend, allowing you to enjoy a more intimate and private wedding experience.
On-site Accommodations Some castles offer on-site accommodations for you and your guests, often including luxurious suites and historic guest rooms.
Catering Castle venues typically provide in-house catering services, which can include anything from lavish banquet dinners to intimate afternoon teas.
Decor and Theming Castle venues often offer decor and theming services, helping you create a cohesive and magical atmosphere for your wedding day.
Add-on Activities Castle venues may offer add-on activities, such as tours of the castle or surrounding area, falconry displays, or whisky tastings.

When considering castle wedding packages and amenities, it’s important to keep your budget in mind. Many venues offer packages at varying price points, so don’t be afraid to ask about customization options. Additionally, be sure to read the fine print and ask about any additional fees or restrictions.

Real-life Castle Wedding Inspirations

What better way to inspire your own castle wedding than by taking a look at real-life examples? The following weddings were held at some of the most enchanting castle venues, showcasing the magic that comes with a fairytale setting.

“Our wedding at Castle Howard was like a dream come true. The grand ballroom provided the perfect backdrop for our ceremony, and the stunning gardens offered endless opportunities for photos. It truly felt like we were transported to another time and place.”

– Sarah and James, Castle Howard, England

Castle Howard, set in the picturesque countryside of North Yorkshire, England, is a breathtaking example of Baroque architecture and the perfect location for a romantic wedding.

“Our wedding at the Oheka Castle was everything we imagined and so much more. The opulence of the estate was simply stunning, and the personalized service made us feel like royalty. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.”

– Emily and Michael, Oheka Castle, New York

Oheka Castle, located in Huntington, New York, is a luxurious French-style château and a favorite among celebrities. Its elegant ballroom and gardens are the perfect setting for a grand and unforgettable wedding.

“Our castle wedding at the Ashford Castle was the epitome of romance. The castle’s medieval architecture and serene lakeside location was simply breathtaking. We couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful setting for our special day.”

– Olivia and William, Ashford Castle, Ireland

Ashford Castle, located in County Mayo, Ireland, is a 13th-century castle set in a stunning countryside and the perfect location for a fairy tale wedding.

  • Experience the charm and elegance of a castle wedding:
  • Get inspired by the real-life weddings held at enchanting castle venues.
  • Transport yourself to another time and place with medieval architecture and stunning gardens.

Budgeting for a Castle Wedding

When planning a castle wedding, budgeting is a crucial aspect to consider. While the enchanting atmosphere of a castle venue can be alluring, it’s important to keep costs in mind to avoid overspending and running into financial stress. Here are some tips for budgeting for a castle wedding:

  • Consider the time of year: Some castle venues may have different rates depending on the time of year. For example, prices may be higher during peak wedding season.
  • Compare packages: Castle wedding packages can vary widely in cost and services offered, so it’s important to compare and contrast packages from various venues.
  • Opt for a weekday wedding: Venue rates may be cheaper during weekdays than on weekends.
  • Be mindful of guest count: The more guests attending, the higher the cost will be for catering, rentals, and other services.
  • Consider DIY options: DIY decorations, favors, or even floral arrangements can help cut costs while still creating a magical atmosphere.
  • Get creative with the menu: Instead of a formal sit-down dinner, consider a buffet or cocktail-style reception to lower costs while still providing ample food and beverage options.

By keeping these budgeting tips in mind, couples can still have the castle wedding of their dreams without breaking the bank. Remember that the most important aspect of a wedding is the love shared between two people, and a castle venue is simply a beautiful setting to celebrate that love.


As we come to the end of this article, we hope that we have inspired you to consider a castle wedding for your big day. From romantic ambiance to historic significance, castle venues offer a unique and enchanting atmosphere for couples looking to create a fairytale experience.

We have explored the best castle wedding venues, providing tips and advice on finding the perfect romantic castle and planning your dream ceremony. We have highlighted castle venues located throughout the United States and Europe, and provided inspiration for castle wedding themes and decor.

While a castle wedding may seem like a lavish expense, we have also discussed budgeting strategies to help you make the most of your wedding budget. Whether your dream is a grand royal affair or a smaller, intimate ceremony, there are options available to create the castle wedding of your dreams.

We hope that this article has been helpful and informative, and that it has left you feeling excited about the possibilities of a fairytale castle wedding. We wish you all the best in planning your special day, and hope that it is everything you have ever dreamed of.


What are some important factors to consider when choosing a castle wedding venue?

When choosing a castle wedding venue, it’s important to consider factors such as location, ambiance, and architectural features. You want to find a castle that embodies the romantic atmosphere you desire for your dreamy wedding.

What unique experiences and possibilities come with hosting a wedding in a castle?

Hosting a wedding in a castle allows for unforgettable experiences. From grand ballrooms and stunning gardens to medieval charm, castle weddings offer a sense of enchantment and a one-of-a-kind setting for your special day.

Can you recommend some historic castle venues for weddings?

There are many historic castle venues available for weddings. Some of the best preserved and iconic castles include [Insert examples of historic castle venues]. These venues provide a sense of history and add a touch of magic to your big day.

What should I consider when planning a castle wedding?

Planning a castle wedding involves several important considerations. From securing the venue to coordinating with vendors, it’s essential to have a comprehensive plan in place. Our castle wedding planning guide offers tips and advice to make the process as smooth as possible.

Where can I find castle wedding venues in the United States?

Castle wedding venues can be found across the United States. From East Coast castles with rich colonial history to Western castles nestled in picturesque landscapes, there are a variety of options for couples seeking a fairytale setting for their wedding.

Can you recommend any European castle wedding destinations?

Europe is home to numerous romantic castle wedding destinations. From fairytale castles in the English countryside to majestic châteaux in the French countryside, these venues offer the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable wedding.

Are there any castle wedding themes and decor ideas you can suggest?

Absolutely! Castle weddings provide a wonderful opportunity to create magical themes and decor. From medieval-inspired ceremonies to elegant royal affairs, our article on castle wedding themes and decor will inspire you with various ideas to create a cohesive and enchanting atmosphere.

What kind of wedding packages and amenities do castle venues offer?

Castle venues often offer a range of wedding packages and amenities to enhance the overall experience. These can include on-site accommodations, exclusive use of the castle, and additional services. Each venue may have their own unique offerings, so it’s best to inquire directly with the castle.

Can you provide real-life examples of castle weddings?

Certainly! Our article on real-life castle weddings features stories, photos, and details from couples who have tied the knot in enchanting castle venues. It’s a great source of inspiration and showcases the possibilities of having a fairytale wedding in a castle.

How can I budget for a castle wedding?

Budgeting for a castle wedding requires careful planning and consideration. Our article on budgeting for a castle wedding provides practical advice on managing costs, including tips on prioritizing expenses, negotiation strategies, and potential areas for savings.