When was silk first used?

Silk is the most mysterious and beautiful fabric on the planet. In this material, everything is extraordinary, without exception: the history of the discovery, the method of manufacture, and methods of use.  Everyone knows about silk masks, underwear, shirts, bedsheets (by the way, it is the most popular industry for using this raw material). However, some...

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How to volunteer?

Volunteering can be called a form of social responsibility, when ordinary citizens of any country take responsibility for some "gaps" in the state structure, considering themselves a person who can change the situation and begins to take steps for these changes.  A volunteer is a person who volunteers to do something useful for those people who...

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Knights Templar Red Cross Meaning

Who Were the Knight Templar? Most of us don't imagine what winch mount looks like but we know the fact that during the medieval era, Knights Templar was a prominent and well-known organization of devout Christians. And their top-notch task was to protect those European travellers who were visiting the Holy Land’s sites. In addition to...

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