Knights Templar Suits

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The Templars were a Catholic military order founded in the 12th century. One of their most recognizable symbols was the white tunic with a red cross they wore over their armor. This so-called “Templar Suit” became an important part of the Order’s identity and was eventually adopted by other military orders. Although the precise origins of the Templar Suit are unclear, it was likely inspired by the tunics worn by knights in the Holy Land. The simple design of the Templar Suit allowed the knights to move easily in battle, and the red cross served as both a symbol of their faith and a rallying point for their comrades. In the centuries after the Templars were disbanded, the Templar Suit continued to be worn by other orders of knighthood, including the Knights Hospitaller and the Teutonic Order. Today, replicas of the Templar Suit are worn by historical reenactors and modern-day crusaders alike.
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