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Journey back to an era of grandeur, chivalry, and intrigue with our comprehensive articles on Medieval Times. From towering castles to bustling marketplaces, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of life that defined this iconic epoch. Let history’s tales come alive as you traverse the ages with us.

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Knights Templar

In 1099 after the Christian forces conquered Jerusalem, Europeans decide to make pilgrimages to the Holy Lands. They frequently met different attacks  by bandits or crusading knights. To protect new Christian states and travellers in the Middle East, a small group of eight has formed The Poor Knights of the Temple (or Knights Templar) of King Solomon. Over the next two centuries, the Knights Templar has become a powerful economic and political force that was well known and highly appreciated all over Europe.

At first, few knew about the Knights Templar order, but gradually its popularity began to grow. Knights Templar went to Europe and started to recruit people of noble birth to the order. European kings respected the knights, who defended people going to holy places.

The sad as well as a heroic story of the warrior monks, whose religious devotion made a lot for the Christian Crusades, takes a particular part in the history and lore. Because the Knights Templar made history as impressive and dramatic as possible many people are trying to emulate them today. As a result, their history has inspired and interested people what led to the creation of favorite Knights Templar accessories that are so attractive to many people today.  

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