Knights Templar

14 Incredible Things You Should Know About The Knights Templar

Nowadays many incredible Knights Templar festivals take place. These may be both massive events or local ones with the means of auto stage, for example. Their aim is to represent Templar villages, culture, garment, etc. Cristian warriors did a lot to become a kind of icon for thousands of people all around the world. Knights Templar inspire and impress. Enjoy 14 incredible things about Templars you have no idea before.


We welcome you to the fascinating world of the Knights Templar and showcase their peculiar behavior, dress, and habits of personal hygiene. The Knights Templar was a group of warrior monks formed in the 12th century which defended Christian pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. Gradually, these became renowned for their martial skills as well as for their strict code of conduct, peculiar dress, and even the habit of personal grooming.

This page will outline how Templars lived, beginning with their code of conduct. The Templars were human beings who adhered to the strict rule when it pertained to everything governing their deeds in their daily lives.

From the vow of poverty to commitments of obedience and chastity, these rules shaped them into disciplined and formidable warriors dedicated to their cause. Find out how the rules of their order dictated more than just their behavior, ruling over how they conducted themselves both on and off the battlefield.
Then comes the costume of the knight, Templar. It is known to be iconic, the dress representing the white mantles carrying a red cross. First, to impress would be endless, but more than just that, since their dressing expressed their religious devotion and, importantly, unity. You will explore the various elements that make up their attire, from armor used in battle to the meanings behind their celebrated cross.

The page also gets into the ever-alluring subject of what the beards of the Templars were about: a matter that had tackled many speculations and debates.

But while some sources indicate that the Templars wore beards, others show them with full beards, as was typical for knights of their day. We wade through the evidence and the claims found in the historical texts to come to the bottom of this mystery.
Finally, here it is presented the importance of these elements together, the way in which the conduct, the costume worn even, and the grooming of the Templars all lent to their legendary appeal in history to friend and foe alike. Whether one is a fan of history, a student, or simply curious as to what history has to say, this page offers a thorough, exciting look at the life and legacy of the Knights Templar, featuring aspects of their order that reached well beyond the battlefields—encompassing moral codes, visual symbols, and daily practice. Join us on this journey to unveil the rich and complex tapestry that is the life of a Templar knight.