Knights Templar Movies List You'll Adore

Knights Templar Movies List You’ll Adore

Immerse yourself in tales of chivalry, religious fervor, and hidden treasures with this curated Knights Templar movies list. These films offer a fascinating look at the legendary order of the Knights Templar, showcasing their zeal, bravery, and mystique. From historical dramas to conspiracy thrillers, these movies about Knights Templar cater to a broad spectrum of cinematic tastes.

Top Knight Templar Movies for History Buffs

‘Kingdom of Heaven’ (2005)

Ridley Scott’s epic historical drama is essential to any Knights Templar movies list. Although the film focuses on the life of a blacksmith who becomes a knight during the Crusades, the Templar Knights feature prominently with their iconic red cross emblazoned on white cloaks. The movie is filled with epic battles and provides an in-depth look at the religious and political turmoil of the period.

‘Arn: The Knight Templar’ (2007)

A Swedish epic based on Jan Guillou’s trilogy, this film offers a detailed perspective on the life of a Knight Templar. Arn, a devoutly religious young man, is sent to become a Knight Templar as penance for a forbidden love. The film’s authentic depiction of the Templar’s lifestyle and the harsh realities of the medieval world make it one of the best Knights Templar movies for history enthusiasts.

Knights Templar in Fantasy and Adventure Genres

‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ (1989)

Although not a traditional Knights Templar movie, the third installment in the Indiana Jones series weaves the Templar mythology into its adventurous plot. The film revolves around the quest for the Holy Grail, a relic heavily associated with the Templars. The movie’s combination of action, archaeology, and Templar lore makes it a captivating watch.

‘National Treasure’ (2004)

This modern classic adventure film starring Nicolas Cage is a must-watch for fans of conspiracy theories and treasure hunts. The movie delves into the alleged connection between the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, and the founding of the United States, resulting in an entertaining journey full of puzzles and secret codes.

Best Knights Templar Movies for Conspiracy Thriller Lovers

‘The Da Vinci Code’ (2006)

Based on Dan Brown’s bestselling novel, this movie unfolds an intricate web of secrets, conspiracies, and mysteries related to the Knights Templar. The plot dives into the Templar’s alleged hidden knowledge and connection to the Holy Grail, making it one of the best Knights Templar movies for those who love suspense and intrigue.

‘Solomon Kane’ (2009)

In this dark fantasy adventure, Solomon Kane, a ruthless mercenary in the 16th century, renounces violence to live a peaceful life. However, when a dark power threatens his world, he becomes a formidable warrior once more. The movie’s Templar subplot and its exploration of repentance and redemption add depth to the narrative.

Lesser-Known Gems in the Knights Templar Movies List

‘Ironclad’ (2011)

Set during the siege of Rochester Castle in the 13th century, this movie offers a gritty, realistic depiction of medieval warfare. The film’s central character is a Templar Knight who leads the defense of the castle against King John of England. Ironclad’ stands out for its intense battle sequences and nuanced portrayal of a Templar Knight’s life.

‘The Last Templar’ (2009)

This made-for-TV movie is based on Raymond Khoury’s novel. The plot revolves around an archaeologist and an FBI agent uncovering a conspiracy related to the Knights Templar after a heist at a New York City museum. ‘The Last Templar’ provides a thrilling ride combining historical intrigue and modern crime-solving.

Knights Templar Documentaries for the Fact Seekers

‘The Templar Code’ (2005)

For those who prefer facts over fiction, ‘The Templar Code’ is an excellent documentary to watch. It dives deep into the origins, rise, and fall of the Knights Templar, providing a comprehensive look at this enigmatic order.

‘The Lost Relics of the Knights Templar’ (2020)

This documentary series follows two treasure hunters on a global quest to find the lost relics of the Templars. It provides fascinating insights into the legendary order and hidden treasures, making it a worthwhile addition to your Knights Templar movies list.

Knights Templar in Animation: A Look at ‘The Last Knight’ (2017)

Animation has the power to bring history to life in vibrant, imaginative ways. The Last Knight’ (2017), an animated feature, does just this by delving into the world of the Knights Templar. The film, while fictional, draws on historical elements to craft a captivating story, making it an intriguing entry in the Knights Templar movies list.

The Last Knight’ centers around a young boy, Leo, who is unexpectedly thrust into a grand adventure when he discovers he is the last living descendant of the Knights Templar. This revelation kickstarts his quest to uncover the hidden secrets of the Templars and fulfill his destiny.

The animation style of ‘The Last Knight’ is beautifully rendered, combining a modern aesthetic with period-accurate designs, helping to create a visually stunning and immersive Templar world. Despite the film’s historical underpinnings, it also incorporates elements of fantasy and magic, keeping in line with the mystique surrounding the Templars.

One of the key strengths of ‘The Last Knight’ lies in its ability to make the Templars accessible to a younger audience. It accomplishes this through its use of animation and its adventurous narrative while respecting the Templars’ history and legacy. This film is not just a fun romp for kids but also serves as an engaging entry point into the rich and complex world of the Knights Templar.

The Templars and the Supernatural: Decoding ‘Season of the Witch’ (2011)

Dominic Sena’s ‘Season of the Witch’ (2011) offers a unique blend of historical drama and supernatural horror, depicting the Knights Templar in a way that diverges from traditional representations. This film centers on two Templar knights, Behmen and Felson, played by Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman, who find themselves entangled in a terrifying mission involving witchcraft and demonic possession.

Season of the Witch’ deviates from the Templar canon by overlaying the historical backdrop of the 14th century and the Crusades with supernatural elements. The knights, disenchanted with the Holy Church’s brutalities, desert their posts only to be roped into escorting an alleged witch to a remote monastery. This witch is believed to be the source of the Black Plague, adding an extra layer of historical context.

The film marries Templar valor and chivalry with chilling supernatural themes, further heightened by the medieval atmospheric setting. The knights’ struggle with their faith, their disillusionment with the Church, and their final stand against evil forces make ‘Season of the Witch’ an interesting exploration of the Templars’ mythos. Despite its mixed reviews, this movie provides an intriguing spin on the Templar narrative, making it worth watching for those interested in the melding of history and horror.

The Templars and the Modern World: Unraveling ‘Assassin’s Creed’ (2016)

In the modern cinematic adaptation of the wildly popular video game series, ‘Assassin’s Creed’ presents a fresh interpretation of the Knights Templar’s legacy. The film injects the Templar Order directly into the heart of the modern world, portraying them as the shadowy and powerful Abstergo Industries. Their quest for control and obsession with the Apple of Eden, an ancient artifact of immense power, drives the film’s plot.

The movie cleverly interweaves the historical aspects of the Templars with a contemporary narrative, creating a thrilling cat-and-mouse chase across time. Through the use of revolutionary technology, the protagonist, Callum Lynch, experiences the adventures of his ancestor, Aguilar, a member of the Assassins Brotherhood during the Spanish Inquisition. The Brotherhood is shown as the age-old adversary of the Templars, highlighting the struggle between control (Templars) and freedom (Assassins).

While the film isn’t strictly about the Knights Templar in their historical context, it innovatively extends the Templar mythos into the realm of sci-fi and action. Assassin’s Creed’ is a fascinating exploration of the Templars’ influence, echoing their themes of power, control, and secrecy in a modern setting.

The Templar Legacy: Understanding Their Impact through Film and Television

The Knights Templar, a medieval Catholic military order, has left an indelible mark on popular culture. Their rich history, full of heroism, betrayal, and enigma, has inspired countless filmmakers and television producers. By exploring their enduring legacy, we can better understand their influence on modern media.

Film and television have played a crucial role in shaping our perception of the Templars. They have depicted them as brave warriors, religious zealots, guardians of holy relics, and even secret society members with hidden knowledge. Movies like ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and TV series like ‘Knightfall’ offer realistic portrayals, painting the Templars as multi-faceted figures influenced by their time’s political and religious turmoil.

On the other hand, films such as ‘National Treasure’ and ‘The Da Vinci Code’ tap into the Templars’ more mysterious aspects, linking them to conspiracies and hidden treasures. Even in the realm of fantasy, as in ‘Assassin’s Creed,’ the Templars’ influence is clear, representing themes of control and power.

Regardless of the genre, the Templars’ portrayal in film and television continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Through these portrayals, we can appreciate the Templar legacy’s depth and impact on our collective imagination.


Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a fan of fantasy and adventure, a lover of conspiracy thrillers, or a seeker of factual knowledge, there’s a Knights Templar movie for you. This list encompasses some of the best Knights Templar movies that delve into the order’s rich history, legends, and mysteries, offering a blend of education and entertainment. So grab some popcorn, dim the lights, and step into the world of the Knights Templar – a world of courage, faith, secrets, and treasures.