Who Are 9 Knights?

Who Are 9 Knights?

Immersed in the realms of history, mythology, and popular culture, knights have forever been romanticized as ideals of chivalry and honor. Knights hold a central position in our historical understanding and popular culture, with many stories, films, and video games celebrating their bravery. One group that encapsulates this essence is the “Knights of the Nine” from the Elder Scrolls series. These nine knights form the crux of a fascinating narrative steeped in fantasy, valor, and adventure.

The Concept of Knighthood

Before delving into the lives of the nine knights, it’s essential to understand the concept of knighthood. Knights were warriors who swore allegiance to their sovereign or lord, promising to fight for them in times of war. They were a symbol of courage, honor, and duty, embodying the chivalric code. While real-life knights were prevalent in medieval Europe, the concept has also been widely adopted in the realm of fantasy literature and video games, often with an added dash of magic and mysticism. The Knights of the Nine fall into this latter category.

The Elder Scrolls: A Background

The Knights of the Nine are characters from the Elder Scrolls series, specifically from the expansion pack “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Knights of the Nine.” This is a series of action role-playing video games, with each installment set in a different region of the fictional continent of Tamriel.

In “Knights of the Nine,” the player embarks on a journey to gather the Crusader’s Relics, armor pieces once worn by the divine crusader Pelinal Whitestrake. By donning the complete set of armor, the player aims to stop Umaril the Unfeathered, an ancient Ayleid sorcerer-king, from taking over Cyrodiil and the rest of Tamriel.

The 9 First Knights Names

The Knights of the Nine were formed by the game’s protagonist, often referred to as the Hero of Kvatch or Champion of Cyrodiil. This character undertakes the quest to defeat Umaril and, in the process, gathers a group of knights to assist in the divine mission. These knights include:

  1. Sir Thedret: A knight found in the ruins of the Knights of the Nine’s former headquarters. He joins the protagonist’s quest after the latter recovers the Helm of the Crusader.
  2. Sir Henrik: Once a noble knight serving in the city of Anvil, he becomes a ghost who guards the Mace of Zenithar after his death.
  3. Sir Gregory: Another spectral knight guarding the Shield of the Crusader in Fort Bulwark. He died during an unsuccessful attempt to retrieve the shield.
  4. Sir Ralvas: A ghost knight who helps the protagonist locate the Boots of the Crusader.
  5. Sir Juncan: Like his brethren, he is a ghost knight who helps the player find the Sword of the Crusader.
  6. Sir Casimir: An ethereal knight who points the protagonist toward the Gauntlets of the Crusader.
  7. Sir Torolf: Another spectral knight who gives clues about the location of the Cuirass of the Crusader.
  8. Sir Amiel: The last of the original Knights of the Nine, whose ghost you encounter in the Priory of the Nine. He leaves behind a ring and a journal that sets the protagonist on the path of the quest.
  9. Sir Berich: Known as the infamous “Black Knight,” he betrayed the original Knights of the Nine and died while wearing the Cuirass of the Crusader, turning into a wraith.

Knights of the Nine Location

The Knights of the Nine are primarily based in the Priory of the Nine, situated in the West Weald region of Cyrodiil. This is where the original Knights were headquartered and where the protagonist discovers the helm of Sir Amiel. The Priory of the Nine serves as the gathering point for the knights, where they discuss their plans and strategize their next moves.

Who Can Join the Knights of the Nine?

In “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Knights of the Nine,” the Knights of the Nine is a faction that players can join. But it’s not just about showing up and signing up. To join this prestigious group, players must undergo a challenging and engaging questline that will test their mettle and morality.

The prerequisite to join the Knights of the Nine is the commencement of the “Pilgrimage” quest, where the player must visit all the way shrines of the Nine Divines scattered across the realm of Cyrodiil. It’s a journey of repentance, as players must cleanse themselves of all previous infractions and sins. Only those with a pure heart can receive the blessing of the gods and start the questline for the Knights of the Nine.

After that, it’s a series of arduous tasks involving the recovery of the Relics of the Crusader and the eventual defeat of the Ayleid sorcerer-king, Umaril the Unfeathered. The player, upon successful completion, becomes the leader of the faction. Therefore, any player dedicated enough to embark on this path of valor, duty, and righteousness can join the Knights of the Nine. The call is open to all, but only the truly worthy will succeed.

Skyrim Knights of the Nine Armor

The armor of the Knights of the Nine, known as the Relics of the Crusader, plays a vital role in “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Knights of the Nine” expansion pack. In this game, the protagonist embarks on a quest to retrieve these artifacts to ultimately defeat Umaril the Unfeathered. However, in “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,” the Knights of the Nine and their iconic armor are not directly mentioned or featured.

Despite this, the Elder Scrolls modding community, known for extending and adding to the games’ universes, has brought the Knights of the Nine Armor to Skyrim. Players can find or craft this distinctive armor set through mods, embracing the chivalric spirit of the Knights of the Nine.

The Crusader’s Relics, when fully assembled in Oblivion, consist of the Helm of the Crusader, Sword of the Crusader, Shield of the Crusader, Boots of the Crusader, Gauntlets of the Crusader, Cuirass of the Crusader, and the Mace of Zenithar. Each piece offers specific enchantments and benefits to the wearer.

In the Skyrim mods, the armor retains its original design, with its ornate silver detailing and striking white material. The set often includes the same enchantments, directly linking to the original Knights of the Nine expansion.

While not part of the official Skyrim narrative, the Knights of the Nine Armor availability through mods allows players to enjoy a piece of the iconic history of the Knights in the newer Elder Scrolls installment.

What Happened to the Knights of the Nine after Oblivion? 

The narrative of “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Knights of the Nine” concludes with the successful completion of the protagonist’s quest. After the defeat of Umaril the Unfeathered, the future of the Knights of the Nine is left somewhat open to speculation.

The final scenes suggest that the Knights continue to operate from the Priory of the Nine, safeguarding the Crusader’s Relics and upholding the virtues of knighthood. As the new Divine Crusader, the protagonist—also the Grandmaster of the order—leads the Knights in their sacred duty of protecting Cyrodiil and the relics.

Yet, there’s no official storyline detailing the specific activities of the Knights after the defeat of Umaril. In the next game, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,” which is set about 200 years after the events of Oblivion, there is no direct mention of the Knights of the Nine. This silence has led to a range of fan theories, including the possibility that the Knights disbanded, their purpose fulfilled, or they continue their vigil secretly, safeguarding Tamriel from hidden threats.

In essence, the fate of the Knights of the Nine after Oblivion is left to the player’s imagination, a testament to the enduring appeal and intrigue of these nine brave souls. They remain an iconic part of the Elder Scrolls universe, celebrated for their bravery, honor, and commitment to their divine mission.

How the Knights of the Nine Influence the Elder Scrolls Series 

The Knights of the Nine left an indelible mark on the Elder Scrolls series with their introduction in “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Knights of the Nine” expansion pack. Their inclusion in the Elder Scrolls lore added an intriguing layer to the game, combining elements of history, religion, and chivalry in a compelling narrative.

Firstly, the Knights of the Nine brought a rich, multi-layered questline to Oblivion. Their story invoked themes of repentance, redemption, and returning to a past golden age, drawing players into a journey marked by trials and tribulations. This questline also offered players a taste of medieval knighthood as they donned the Crusader’s Relics and stepped into the role of a knight themselves.

Secondly, the Knights expanded the series’ lore, delving deeper into the mythology of the Nine Divines and their influence on Tamriel. They brought the gods’ stories to life, each relic representing a Divine and a virtue. This helped to enrich the game’s narrative and provided more depth to the existing Elder Scrolls mythos.

Lastly, the Knights of the Nine added a sense of grandeur to Oblivion. They embodied the romantic notions of chivalry, sacrifice, and duty, often associated with knights. Their introduction offered an epic, high-fantasy narrative that resonated with many players.

Even though the Knights of the Nine do not make a direct appearance in subsequent games, their legacy lives on in the lore and narrative structure of the series, continuing to influence the storytelling approach and thematic content of the Elder Scrolls franchise.

The Knights’ Legacy

The Knights of the Nine are not just individuals. They are symbols of courage, honor, and righteousness, embodying the very spirit of knighthood. Despite the odds, they band together under a noble cause, reflecting the power of unity and determination. Even in death, their spirits guide the protagonist in their quest, showing their enduring commitment to their duty.

The legacy of the Knights of the Nine thus far transcends their mortal existence. They remain a shining beacon of hope in the troubled world of Tamriel, standing against forces of darkness and chaos. They demonstrate that regardless of background, anyone can rise to the call of duty and protect their land from harm.


The Knights of the Nine encapsulate the essence of knighthood, combining courage, honor, duty, and a dash of magic and mysticism. They remind us that bravery is not just about battling enemies on the battlefield but also about standing up for what is right and striving to uphold justice. Whether they exist in the realm of fantasy or reality, knights like these continue to inspire us with their tales of courage and chivalry.