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The Knights Templar order was formed in 1112. The Knights Templar is a group of nine brave, courageous and fearless men who struggled and did their best to protect Christianity. They dedicated their services to God and the king. They also safeguarded sojourners during their pilgrimages from and to the Holy Land.  These were the first Templars who were formed at the time of the first Crusaders. They were very poor and lived in poverty. Once they became an important order, they became extremely wealthy warriors.
Concerning the Templars’ armor – swords, they had a blade style of their Viking ancestors.  Because of the unique and sharp shape of the blade, Templar swords wren capable of penetrating leather and Chainmail armor. Many collectors consider Templar swords the symbols of the glory of the Middle Ages.
Meaning of the Knights Templar Sword
Knights Templar sword was a multifunctional tool. It was not only a forceful stabbing and butchering tool but when holding the blade pointing downstairs, its cross-guard formed a cross. Therefore, it was both the tool to fight as well as a mobile altar of the Knights Templar. At the end of each battle, the Knights Templar fell to their knees seeking redemption for the cruelty they have just unleashed and erased their swords to the heavens, holding them like crosses.
Templar Swords
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